9 Simple steps to avail Free recharge

  1. Buy a Mobile from saholic.com
  2. Within 24 Hours of the Delivery your Recharge Wallet will be credited with the free recharge amount. You will recieve an email from saholic.com with Subject: Your Free Mobile/DTH Recharge. This email confirms your purchase and free recharge.
  3. Visit saholic.com/login and sign in with your registered Email Id and Password.
  4. Click on The Recharge Menu or visit saholic.com/recharge.
  5. Fill in the details of your Mobile/DTH and confirm.
  6. You can pay using your wallet, remaining amount in your wallet (if any) is mentioned.

  1. You can get details about your wallet at any time at saholic.com/my-wallet
  2. Please note there are no additional charges or convenience fees for using this service.
  3. Visit Mobile/DTH-Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us for further assistance

Terms And Conditions

  1. Recharge Wallet will be activated within 24 Hrs of of delivery of the Mobile Phone
  2. Recharge Wallet has lifetime validity
  3. Offer available on Select Mobiles as indicated on product details page.
  4. Offer valid on a handset if it was listed under offer on the day of purchase.
  5. Products need to be bought for personal use and not resale purpose
  6. The employees of Spice Online Retail, Spice Digital or any associated companies and members of the immediate family of the employees of the Company will not be eligible to get a free Recharge
  7. We reserve the right to amend the rules of the Program or or any part thereof. We will not entertain Disputes regarding the same whatsoever