Recharge HelpDesk

Q1) What happens if my recharge fails ?
Ans) Your payment is safe with us. The entire Amount is refunded to your Recharge wallet , you can retry a recharge immediately or later. (See Q3 )

Q2) What is the Recharge wallet ?
Ans) Recharge wallet is a convenient location to store your money. You can use it any time to do recharges. (See Q3)

Q3) How to use the Recharge wallet ?
Ans) i) First login to your account using the email id used during initial recharge and the password emailed to you.
ii) Next, go to the recharge page, and fill out details of recharge required and press confirm.
iii)You need not pay again, we will do the rechage from your wallet. Remaining money in your wallet (If any) is also indicated.

Q4) I have entered an incorrect email id and my recharge has failed.
Ans) Please contact us.

Q5) I did not receive my password or I can not login.
Ans) You can use the Forgot Password option on login page to retrieve a new password. You can change it afterwards. If you still face problems then please contact us.

Q6) Can I use the recharge wallet to purchase other items on the site ?
Ans) You can use the wallet to perform recharges only.

Q7) What happens if payment fails.
Ans) In case of payment failure you are not charged anything. Status: Payment failed is shown and you can retry paying again.

Q8) My Question is not answered here.
Ans) Please contact us.

Q9) What are the valid recharge amounts ?
Ans) Valid recharge amounts for Talk time, Data and Special recharges vary by Operator and Region. Please note these are collected time to time on a best effort basis from each Operator's website.
Check with your operator in case of any confusion. Operator's decision in this regards will be final.