Buy Online, And Pickup In Store

Currently this offer is available only in Delhi NCR

Great News Online Buyers !
Now you can enjoy the Discounts and Convenience of online shopping with the Speed and Trust of picking up your products Offline from a Physical Store. Here is how this works

1) Visit your favourite Online Store, Select your products, Add them to Cart and Press"Enter Shipping Info"

2) At the Shipping Page on the Right tab Select the option 'Pickup In Store'. Filter by region to see stores closest to you and Select a
convenient Store.

3) Enter a Billing Address or select one if already entered, to be shown on your invoice.

4) Press Proceed to Payment

5) On the Payment Screen you can either PrePay using Credit Card, Debit Card, Prepay Card, Net Banking, EMI Option or Choose to 'Pay In Store'

6) After you place the order you will receive an email with Confirmed availability Date, Store Location, Timings and Contact information and Instructions to pickup your product.


Q1) When will the Product be available for Pickup ?         
Confirmed Availability date will be communicated at the time of order by email. Estimated dates can be checked on the Product page by entering your Pin Code.

Q2) Can I send my friend, relative or servant to pickup the product ?
No, Please understand we can give the product only to the buyer in order to eliminate fraud pickups.

Q3) What documents do i need to carry at time of pickup ?
a) Valid photo Id proof (Driving license, passport, PAN card, Voter ID, company issued ID card, College issued Student ID Card or any other government approved photo Id)
b) Your secret code sent to you at time of order

Q4) Help, Someone else has picked up my Pre-Paid Order ?
While we have taken every possible precaution, in case there is any fraud please Contact Us Immediately

Q5) Will the Store Manager help me install applications, port contacts, etc..  ?
Please note, Store Managers are extremely busy and ideally you are expected to perform these tasks on your own.

Q6) The Store Manager is claiming that the product is not available or discouraging me from completing my purchase ?
If you have received the Confirmed Availability Email from us, please Contact Us Immediately

Q7) I do not live in Delhi NCR, how can i pickup in Store ?
We have launched this concept as a Pilot in Delhi NCR, we will roll out this facility nationwide in a few months. Till then you can have the Product delivered at your Home/Office.

Q8) The Product i received is not of the same colour as ordered or is unacceptable in any other way ?
Purchase will be governed by Spice Online Retail's Terms and Conditions. Read the detailed Return And Refund Policy

Q9) I want to cancel my order ?
Please read our Cancellation Policy

Q10) Are other Offers, coupons, freebies, recharges valid on In Store Pickups.
Unless otherwise specified in the Offers Individual Terms and Conditions, this Pickup model entitles you to all applicable offers

Q11) My Question is not answered here, I have more questions ?
We are here 24/7 to answer all your questions. Please visit our contact us page.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Buyer must present Valid Photo Identity Proof (Driving License, Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, Company Issued ID Card, College issued Student ID Card Or any other Government approved Photo Id) to claim Products at the Store
  2. Purchase will be governed by Spice Online Retail's Terms and Conditions
  3. Buyer can Pay using Credit Card Or Debit card in Store, However payment can not be split between Card and Cash. Gift Coupons will not be accepted in lieu of Cash
  4. Buyers opting for the 'In Store Payment' option need to Pay and then obtain possession of the Product
  5. Products need to be bought for personal use and not resale purpose